We take great pride in our team of specialists, composed of former career nannies with higher education degrees in teaching, adolescent psychology, or pediatric nursing. The education, experience and passion of these profound individuals is our backbone, and ensures that the placements we make come from a place of both wisdom and love. 

*75% of the Nannease team has/is working towards a masters degree in their child focused field! 

Megan Wolff

Founder/Chief Placement Specialist of Nannease

Welcome. Throughout the literature related to us, you will see an abundance of phrases like, “when you leave your children at home, a piece of your heart stays there with them.” My name is Megan Wolff, and Nannease was born from the gap in the overwhelming and still relatively unregulated industry that is in-home staffing. A mother myself to an amazing (and so-sassy) toddler, I believe that nothing is more important than one’s family, and therefore nothing is more necessary than an agency which functions with this concept as it’s backbone.

My professional and academic background includes two decades as a career nanny alongside years serving as a Montessori teacher and a preschool director. Currently in pursuit of my masters degree at Rutgers University, Nannease will continue to thrive with the application of knowledge I gain in eventually becoming a licensed clinical adolescent therapist. I find great joy in applying all that I have learned in the collegiate and professional world to this beating-heart business that is Nannease. Born of my own values, Nannease prioritizes best-practices in childcare and safety, authentic human connection, higher level education, trust and philanthropy.

 I hope you find some peace of mind within the framework of our website, and take comfort in knowing that you are here, and therefore in good hands. Read on, and learn about Our Team of truly incredible women.

Alycia Delesky

Guidance Counselor (High School), Former Career Nanny & Daycare Director

Hi there! During my childcare career, I’ve taken on roles including nanny, teacher, and director of childcare centers and a before/after care program for elementary school. Now with my Masters in Counseling, I work with children and families by meeting them where they are at and getting to the heart of their needs, values, and preferences. My past 2.5 years as a lead placement specialist with Nannease has allowed me to do just that! My goal is to find candidates who will be an extension of parents/guardians and become part of the family team. In addition, my experience working with curriculum allows me to create developmentally appropriate and stimulating activities for children from infancy up that we provide to our nannies and clients at Nannease. Children are our future and I value my part in assuring they have the learning opportunities, support, and love that they need to reach their full potentials.

Erin Polio

Special Education High School Teacher, Dual Masters Degrees in Education, Former Career Nanny, Certified Doula, Mother of 2

Hi! My background in special education is a big factor in how I view and value children. I continually integrate the approaches of play based learning and individualized development to my interactions with families and nannies. I am fortunate to have found my passion for child care and be able to spread that joy to others through the thoughtful and ever expanding placement system at Nannease. In addition to teaching English to wonderful high schoolers, I am also a trained Doula, an avid runner, a mother to two wonderful toddlers, imagination expert ;),  amateur traveler, and perpetual reader.

Emily Wolff

Pediatric Nurse in a children's specialty hospital, Former Career Nanny, Mother of 2

It is a pleasure to meet you. I am a registered nurse working at a children’s hospital. After over seven years of nannying experience in addition to my full time career as a pediatric nurse, I am proud to say that I have a wide range of knowledge and a great deal of experience when it comes to babies and children. Promoting developmental milestones and utilizing best-practice, research based techniques to improve bottle feeding are just two things I specialize in. As a part of the Nannease family, I use my expertise to provide insight on a number of various topics that you, as parents and nannies, may implement to provide the best care for the most important people in your lives– your children.

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