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What’s Happening? <3 Nannease

Meet Marina

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“I am known to be most concerned with the comfort, happiness and health of the children for whom I am caring and I gladly work with parents to employ their ideals daily[…]”

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Health & Wellness


Dear Nannies,

When I Nanny, I Wear…

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Dressing by age of child and expectation of parent ensures that I can play a fun game of hide and seek, bottle feed a gassy baby or meet with a private school teacher all while overseeing the care of the children for whom I nanny comfortably and confidently

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A Day in the Life: Nanny Diaries

True tales from real life nannies, straight from private homes and onto your screen. From the biggest diaper explosions at the worst possible times to beautiful stories of love and learning: Curl up with a cup of coffee and enjoy these real-life-reads.
*Stories are submitted from homes both nationally and internationally. All identifying details of both family and nanny have been changed to protect the privacy of everyone involved.

The A

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“Shuttling three children from school pickup to after-school activities and back home, with reading, snack, and playground pit stops along the way, never failed to keep me on my toes. In the whirlwind of my time spent with primary school-aged identical twins and a cool older brother, however, one emotion stands out most: Pride.”

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