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Introducing Fernanda: Newest Nannease Placement Specialist

By April 30, 2019May 17th, 2019Nannease

Nannease is so excited to announce the addition of Fernanda Moura to our team! Both a nanny and a student, Fernanda is in school for her PHD in Child Development and will be a welcome addition to the team which screens nannies and assesses their best fit in a household. And now, a letter from Fernanda herself:

“Dear Nannease family,

I am really excited to announce that I have joined the Nannease team as the newest Nanny Placement Specialist. My roles and responsibilities will be diverse, but I will always be working with a single goal in mind: to support amazing families in their search for knowledgeable, loving and dedicated nannies. Having experience working as a nanny myself, I recognize the attributes that contribute to providing excellent childcare and I am excited  to use this experience to guide and inform my work as a Placement Specialist.

What I love most about being apart of Nannease is that I feel personally connected to the purpose and mission of the agency. I am proud to be apart of an agency that truly understands quality care in all aspects of child development. 

I have always had a true passion for working with children. As a nanny, I enjoy creating a fun and engaging space where children can explore and grow. I believe that childcare is about enjoying all of the little moments together while remaining sensitive to opportunities for growth, positive discipline, and education. As Nannies, it is our responsibility to create an environment for children that is equal parts fun, nurturing, and engaging. While it’s challenging and demanding work, it’s also the most gratifying and fulfilling. My favorite part about any day in childcare is the awareness that it brings me about the important things in life- laughter, love, and family. Working in childcare serves as a daily reminder of how important it is to disconnect from all of life’s distractions and enjoy the little moments and the people we love most. I love children’s sincerity in all of their expressions. I truly believe that as much as we are here to teach and help our little ones grow, there is so much we can learn from them.

Outside of my work in childcare, I dedicate most of my time to my studies. After five years of a lot of discipline and dedication, I am so excited to be graduating with my Bachelors in Psychology this May. I have pursued my degree with intent and commitment as I have always known that I want to work with people in a meaningful way. I am beyond grateful for all of the experiences and opportunities that I have had during my undergraduate career. It has taught me so much about myself, my community, and the field that I wish to work in. Along the way, I have had the chance to connect with the most amazing people and work alongside faculty in research labs and in community-health initiatives in the inner city of Newark.”

Ten fun facts about Fernanda

  • I have a french bulldog named Kiwi
  • I am the first college graduate in my family
  • I am fluent in Portuguese
  • Growing up I spent my summers on my parent’s farm in Brazil
  • My favorite fruit is pomegranate
  • I love the color yellow
  • I am an INFJ personality type
  • Trader Joes is my favorite place in the world
  • I love the beach    
  • Tulum, Mexico is my favorite place to vacation to

“While I have found immense gratification and joy in all of these experiences, I am eager to venture into the next phase of my education. In September, which is just a few short months away, all of my hard work will come to fruition, as I begin my Psy.D. program at William Paterson University. My concentration will be in Childhood Development. I hope to focus on my research studies on trauma, resilience, and post-traumatic growth. Through my work, both in a research lab and in clinical settings, I hope to examine how the effects of trauma, occurring during critical developmental stages in childhood, may manifest in dysfunctional interpersonal relationships and adverse mental health outcomes. Ultimately, my intent is to understand that pathways that lead to poor mental health outcomes for children who endure trauma. My goal through my research studies, and in later clinical practice, is to foster resilience and promote positive mental health outcomes for at-risk youth in underserved populations.

Thank you for taking the time to read a bit about me. I look forward to speaking with you at some point in your search!”


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