A Nannease Nannny: Is legally authorized to work in the U.S, is willing to be paid legally (on the books- no cash jobs), & is willing to undergo a background check in compliance with state law.

open positions:

Job #1

Kind, engaging nanny needed for wonderful baby


Location:  Montville, NJ


Schedule: 35 hours/week: 7:30am-6pm, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
+Family can add an additional 4 hours onto the week where it is convenient for nanny


Length:  Minimum one year commitment (possible for longer term)


Start date: January 2024


Pay: $25/hour



  • Health insurance
  • 3 weeks of paid vacation (2 weeks of family’s choosing, 1 of nanny’s)
  • 5 sick/personal days per year

Family Values: This family values a nurturing, gentle caregiving approach. Patience and kindness are paramount to them, and their primary goal is to find a nanny who comes with an arsenal of tools for the newborn/toddler years.


About the children: This sweet 6 month old baby loves smiling, laughing, playing, and learning.


Ideal personality (of Nanny): You are adept at providing child-focused care. You are able to offer enriching and engaging, age-appropriate activities. You enjoy teaching and playing with babies, specifically. This two-parent working household is seeking an organized, communicative, nurturing childcare professional. Because your days will be spent fully with an infant, you should be happy to talk, sing, and read to them throughout the day. (Ex: You are outside on a walk, and talk about the color of the sky and the birds you see; you are in the kitchen preparing lunch and you show them the fruits/veggies you will serve, and describe them/let baby explore them).


  • Valid driver’s license  
  • Willing to obtain the flu shot annually & COVID vaccinated (proof required)
  • Infant experience


*This child focused family is seeking their dream nanny who will only be responsible for the care of the child (no household related tasks; no laundry, etc.) 

  • Follow schedules closely for feeding, sleeping, wake windows
  • Loving and attentive care of baby, including the meeting of all basic needs (diapering, pottying, bathing, eating, naps, etc.) 
  • Bottle preparation/sanitation, and eventually light food preparation when baby starts solids 
  • Plan and participate in age appropriate activities 
  • Engage baby in learning and exploration via books, stories, art, songs and play 
  • Plan and participate in age-appropriate activities, with a focus on developmental milestones
  • Foster confidence via nurturing care
  • Spend time outdoors when weather permits  (playing in the yard, going on stroller walks around the neighborhood)
  • Maintain organization and cleanliness of spaces you use in the home (essentially: leave the house how you found it)
  • Driving will be necessary only for emergency situations

Important to note: 

  • Family has two medium-sized dogs and a dog walker. Though nanny will not be responsible for care of the dogs, they should be comfortable being around them. 
  • Family is germ cautious. Nanny will be staying local with baby for the foreseeable future of employment; there is a playground within walking distance and sidewalks they can walk along

Job #2

Nanny/Housekeeper needed for busy family with school-age twins

Location:  Wyckoff, NJ 

Schedule: 35 hours/week, M-F 1/2pm-8pm

*This family can offer a part time, 20-25 hr/week, after-school nanny-only schedule, if it is desired 

Length:  Long term 

Start date: November 27, 2023

*Can be flexible for the right person

Pay: $32-$35/hour, depending on experience


-2 weeks of vacation (1 of family’s choosing, 1 of nanny’s)
-1 week of sick/personal days

Family Values: These intentional, nurturing and interactive parents hold a strong balance of joy and boundaries within their household. Though structure (schedules, organization, clear rules) are important, exploration, curiosity and allowing the children to be themselves is equally important.

About the children: 

-Child A (5 year old twin girl): Very high functioning, on the autism spectrum. Gets distracted easily. Cancer survivor and may need extra care/extra doctor’s appointments, time home from school

-Child B (5 year old twin girl): A typical 5 year old who is having some trouble adjusting to the changes of her current nanny departing and is exhibiting attention seeking behavior.

*Both Children will benefit from consistency in rules and expectations of the day. 

Ideal personality (of Nanny): You are an engaging childcare provider who loves to dance around, play, and be silly with the children in your care. You are confident in implementing boundaries that lead to the happiness and wellbeing of the household. You are a strong communicator, and able to look at what the children have experienced thus far in their lives and factor it into how you engage with them. While you enjoy playing and spending time outside with the children, you are also comfortable managing the cleaning of a (5 bedroom) household. You must be patient, as Child A requires LOTS of patience with her Autism Spectrum Disorder.


  • Nanny must have a clean driving record; family can provide a car for work related use 
  • Flu shot required 

Responsibilities: Children are in school until 3:30pm each day, and have after school activities most days of the week. Mom is stay-at-home, and will be the primary person driving the children to and from activities. There will be a clear divide between household related responsibilities taking place when the children are away from home, and child-focused responsibilities only when children are home. 

Responsibilities while children are in school are not the main priority of Nanny: 

  • General housekeeping duties, including: Weekly cleaning of bathrooms, mopping and sweeping of floors, vacuuming as needed, weekly dusting and window cleaning, etc. 
  • Laundry for household
  • Ensuring neatness and organization of children’s games, books, and other belongings.
  • Planning simple, healthy weekly meals (dinner) snacks and lunch for girls for school
  • Grocery shopping for household
  • Preparation of dinner each day 
  • Dishes (loading/unloading dish washer)

After school responsibilities:

  • Transportation of children to and from classes and/or extracurricular activities as needed (this will not happen regularly, as Mom will be the primary person responsible for this)
  •  Provide snacks to the children
  •  Encourage children to participate in cleanup activities
  • Occasionally take children to appointments as needed
  • Help with wind-down of children in the evening; Nanny will be responsible for baths each night.
  • Prepare bags for school the next day. 
  • Important to note: 
  • One parent works remotely and the other is stay-at-home
  • Must be comfortable working hand in hand with stay at home parent daily
  • This family has one small 9 year old beagle (she is not hypoallergenic.)  She stays in the kitchen and mudroom or outside.

Job #3

Calm & Organized Nanny/Household Manager needed to work alongside Mom in household of 3 toddlers (4.5 year, 3 year and 1.5 year old) 

Location: Bernardsville, NJ

Schedule: Part time position, 20 hours per week
Tuesday 1pm-7:30pm
Wednesday 1pm-7:30pm
Thursday 1pm-7:30pm

*Family can add an additional day and go up to 22 hours/week, if desired

Length: 2 year commitment 

Start date: ASAP 

Pay: $30/hour 

-2 weeks of paid vacation
-6 holidays off

Ideal personality (of Nanny): You are a calm, organized and reliable person who enjoys all that toddler life has to offer. You are a self starter who does not need a ton of direction (once you are familiar with the job and family). You are excited by the idea of being an active member of this busy family, in which you and Mom will switch off responsibilities of children and errands/household tasks. You enjoy staying busy throughout the day (playing pretend, arts & crafts, walks outside, swimming in the summer, trips to the park, etc.) while upholding schedules for the kids around meals, naps and school. You are comfortable with the balance of being immersed in a household while keeping things professional and maintaining boundaries and discretion. You are capable of being firm when necessary to maintain order within the household, and also enjoy meeting the children on their level of play. You are known as an organized person who tidies up after themselves and thrives in a clean environment.


*Oldest child is in school until 2pm all days that Nanny works

*Middle child is in school until 2:15pm on Wednesdays

The responsibilities that are listed will be accomplished alongside stay at home Parent. Mom and Nanny will tag team between household management related responsibilities and care of the children. The following responsibilities will be tackled between the two of them; if you are grocery shopping, for example, you may bring one or two of the children with you, while Mom brings the other two children to a class. 

-Follow feeding and sleeping schedules for all children·
-Meal preparation (snacks and dinner, lunch on occasion) for all children.
-Organizing and maintaining toys and arts and crafts including supplies management and rotating of toys·
-Comfortable managing children’s schedules·
-Help to track household supplies (groceries, cleaning supplies, etc.) and adding to family shopping list as needed·
-Grocery shopping at least once a week·
-Light meal prep for entire family (cutting up vegetables)·
-Dishes (loading/unloading dish washer)·
-Laundry for household
-Keeping children’s rooms, play areas and common areas tidy and organized (kitchen should be kept clean when not in use) 

-Switching out clothing seasonally for children, donating clothes·
-Tracking inventory of children and replacing as needed (ex: soccer socks, ballet clothes, swim supplies, drinks for sports, etc.)·
-Anticipate events (ex: birthday parties) and get supplies needed for them in advance (ex: gifts for friends)·
-Some transportation to and from classes and/or extracurricular activities·
-Play outside with children (walks, trips to the playground, soccer, bike rides).
-Instituting and adhering to no screen time policy, which will be discussed / decided with parents
-Bring small dog for walks once a day as able (like all other aspects of the job, this responsibility is shared with Mom)·
-Clean up and organizing after the children·
-Take children to appointments as needed


-You must have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record (family can provide a car for work use)·
-Must be comfortable swimming·
-Must be comfortable with one small dog

Important to note:

Family has a weekly housekeeper so deep cleaning is not required.
Family has a dog

COVID-19: Covid vaccinated is preferred, but not required.

Job #4

Bubbly, playful nanny needed for kind, easy-going family with 10 year old and 10 month old 
*Spanish speaking nanny a plus! 

Location: Scotch Plains, NJ 


For the remainder of 2023: 
Monday-Wednesday: 3pm-8pm
Thursdays: 3pm-11pm
*Family can also offer up to 30 hours/week if Nanny is seeking additional hours

Starting January 2024:
Monday-Wednesday: 3pm-8pm
Thursdays: 5pm-11pm
*Family can also offer up to 25 hours.week if Nanny is seeking additional hours

Length: Minimum of 6 month commitment; potential to go longer 

Start date: ASAP

Pay: $25-$30/hour, depending on experience


  • 1 weeks of paid vacation (after 3 months of employment)
  • 3 sick days

Family values: 

This kind, easy-going family is seeking a nanny who can come in and help to implement a bit more structure. Leaning more towards the slightly messy side (vs. immaculately clean), this family prioritizes the happiness, engagement and structure of their children.


Ideal personality (of Nanny):

This two-parent working household is seeking a talkative, engaging, warm childcare professional who is extremely patient and playful. You genuinely enjoy working with kids in a hands-on, engaging way. You would describe yourself as someone who is bubbly and playful, with the ability to be firm when needed. You enjoy helping to implement schedules AND are ok with a go-with-the-flow environment. You are comfortable spending time around parents, who both work from home.  This family is bilingual, and speaks both English and Spanish fluently.


About the Children: 

  • Child A (10 year old): This energetic, on the go, creative child loves to make home movies, read, play swords, and engage in other active games. Child has ADHD and does best with a caregiver who is able to be both playful and implement rules (handle some push back from child). 
  • Child B (8 months old): Is a very mellow, sweet baby who is crawling and exploring everything!


  • You must have a vehicle, a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record (family will reimburse for all mileage used on personal car, or can provide a car for nanny use) 
  • Flu Shot 
  • Willing to obtain COVID vaccine if haven’t already received
  • Must be comfortable swimming

Important to note: 

  • Spanish speaking nanny= A huge plus, but not required
  • Family has 4 indoor cats. 
  • Both parents have full time careers which allow them to work almost entirely remotely, from home. Nanny will be trading off with Mom between 8 month old and 10 year old, with a primary responsibility of the 10 year old. 
  • Family can provide a car for nanny’s use if needed. 
  • Though weekends are not required, they are a huge plus and a way nanny can work extra hours.

*Nanny will not frequently be responsible for both children simultaneously. When they are, baby will take priority (10 year old is pretty independent). Most of the time, Nanny and Mom will trade off, and Nanny will focus primarily on spending quality time with 10 year old. Meal prep (making simple Home Chef meals) will be a part of their responsibilities while Mom cares for both children.  

When nanny is responsible for baby  

  • Implement and follow schedules for feeding, sleeping, wake windows of baby 
  • Loving and attentive care of baby, including the meeting of all basic needs (diapering, meals, play, naps, etc.) 
  • Bottle preparation/sanitation, and light food preparation for baby who is eating solids 
  • Baby’s laundry when able
  • Plan and participate in age-appropriate activities, with a focus on developmental milestones
  • Foster confidence via nurturing care
  • Spend time outdoors when weather permits  (playing in the yard, going on stroller walks around the neighborhood) 
  • Do bedtime with baby (bath, book, etc.) while Mom is with 10 year old

When nanny is responsible for 10 year old

  • Spend focused, engaging time with 10 year old upon his 3pm arrival home from school. 
  • Plan and schedule engaging and educational activities; bring to the gym to play/exercise, and find other activities that he enjoys doing (when you leave the house with 10 year old, Mom will care for baby from home).
  • Engage in creative play, movie-making, crafts, and stories. 
  • Encourage child to complete chores; ensure homework is done (usually he does it on the bus before arriving home). 

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