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National Nanny Training Day

By April 29, 2017February 8th, 2024Dear Nannies

A Day of Love, Laughter & Learning in Brooklyn, NY 
Nannease spent this sunny Saturday in Brooklyn at the National Nanny Training Day event. Led by the wonderful and inspiring Alene Mathurin of My Nanny Circle, the day was truly thrilling. I say “thrilling,” because if the values and morals represented at this training held true to the entire industry of child rearing, our little ones would all have unquestionably brilliant futures.

“Are we going to respect families? Are we going to respect children? Are we going to respect ourselves? Are we holding ourselves accountable to a higher level of care?”

The day opened with a riveting speech by Alene herself, encouraging the entire nanny community to be Change Agents; To respect themselves entirely, be entirely respected, and ultimately create an environment in which everyone is happy and fulfilled.

Following Alene’s call for excellence, Amber Traina, owner of PD-Parenting gave an enriching and demonstrative lesson on Positive Discipline.

Principles of positive discipline include:
-Mutual respect
-Kind and firm
-Focusing on solutions

As Amber explained, the outcome of positive discipline= Children who are confident, who trust themselves and who develop resiliency. With real-life examples, exceptional audience participation and a genuine interest in the room, Amber explained the concept of positive discipline while demonstrating the fine line between “punishment” and “discipline.” It was an informative and critical presentation, and I am so excited to read the Positive Discipline Parenting Tools book that I purchased (I will write a blog post about it as soon as I finish it!).

There were a number of guest speakers at the event today, many of whom educated, updated and informed the audience on everything from legal rights as a nanny to contract-forming and available dental benefits for household staff— But that’s not what this was all about.

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This day was birthed from a place of love, and formatted to inspire and encourage everyone in attendance. Nannease could not be more excited to discover a community of so much intentional encouragement, self care and respect, as these are things that are necessary to being able to properly care for children, but are rarely spoken about. I have spent entire weekends at nanny conventions, and have never felt as inspired and impacted as I do from this 6 hour day celebrating excellence in the industry. Thank you Alene Mathurin for sharing so much love with us today, and to all of the presenters who enlightened, educated and inspired. If you have not already done so, check on!

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