Nannease in-home CPR classTaught by one of Nannease's certified Red Cross instructors from the comfort & safety of your home

$ 725

Certifies up to 5 adults in infant, pediatric & adult CPR

Red Cross class, open to the public

$ 95-117

Per person

There are many things we can forgo during COVID times; being prepared for a choking/cardiac emergency is not one of them. Become certified in infant, pediatric & adult CPR from the safety of your home with one of Nannease’s certified Red Cross instructors. 

  • One class certifies up to five adults in Red Cross CPR (infant, child and adult).
    • A Red Cross class that is held in a public facility with up to 9 other random students is between $95-$117/person.
  • Our certified Red Cross instructors are employed by Nannease.
    • We understand how important it is that every person in your child’s life knows what to do in case of a choking/cardiac emergency.
  • Our instructors are extraordinarily cautious about COVID.
    • Instructor will wear an N-95 mask for the duration of the lesson and sanitize hands before, during and after the class.
    • CPR Mannequins are disinfected thoroughly using rubbing alcohol. Lung bags and any other disposable part of the mannequin is removed and changed in between EACH use.
    • If it is possible to instruct the class on a porch, in a sun room, or any other space where there is proper air flow, the class can be taught there.
    • We supply all protective gear, including: Masks, gloves, sanitizing wipes, mouth guards to use with the mannequins.
  • In-home private classes mean that lessons and learning scenarios are tailored specifically to your family and the ages of your children.

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(Please be advised that we are currently booking into September 2020)